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This is a travel site. These two words describe exactly what this website’s purpose is. So, you are a travel agency, right? Eeh yes and no. Yes, this is a travel website and no this is not a travel agency, well at least not in the traditional sense of the word. This is a DIY travel agency. This provides all the services of a traditional agency without the cost (that is zero cost). Just book tickets and that is it.  ‘Common there is always a catch, the tickets are more expensive on this website’. No, this website has the best Travel deals anywhere with the most extensive database online. 

What can you expect when you book your trip here? Well, a lot: 

  1. We condense the process of finding the best travel packages all into one website to avoid the hassle of scouring the internet for hours before a trip 
  2. You are still not convinced? How about the fact that this website’s database has access to over a 100+ other well-known travel providers like Expedia flights, google flights etc. 
  3. From the largest providers to the smaller more niche providers, this website offers the best holiday packages and discount travel out there. 
  4.  You have full control and transparency of exactly where your travel funds are going. 
  5. If the URL is to long for you don’t worry you can use the shortened version ssbhv.com 

What travel deals, packages and services are offered and in what aspect of traveling. You can find:  

  • Flights 
  • Hotels 
  • Flight cancellation 
  • Cars 
  • Taxi 
  • Tours  
  • Tickets 
  • Trains 
  • Cruise 

Flights: the website provides 

  • International flights: flights all over the world. Be it China airlines, Ryan air, American airlines British airlines, Qatar airways, United Arab Emirates etc. 

  •  Transcontinental flights: Flights between continents especially neighbouring ones like North America and South America 

  •  Intracontinental flights: flights between countries in the same continent like a flight between Canada and USA or between Germany and UK 

  • domestic flights: flight between different cities in the same country like a flight from New York to Los Angeles 

  • Cheap Airline tickets/ Airline tickets: whatever your travel plans are rest assured your every need will be fulfilled that is why this website is the best at travel.  

  • Airline flights: You can find first class plane tickets, Economy Air fare and Business class air tickets 

  • Popular routes: Every flight route possible can be found on this websites database including but not limited to flights to Hawaii from Dallas, flights to Denver from Atalanta, flights to New York from Las Vegas, Flights to Cairo from Florida Flights from Chicago to London etc. 

  • Flight planner: a very important tool that helps you plan your flights based on cost and time well in advance. 

  • Last Minute deals: this website is very suited and adept for last-minute travel. You can always find cheap flight tickets down to the very last minute. This website is also a very good one two punch for last minute flight and hotel deals and very low-cost flight tickets 

Hotels: planning a family vacation, trying to book the perfect holiday destination for a romantic getaway or just in a hurry and you are looking for last-minute hotel deals, even hotels tonight right now as you are reading this. This website has all that and more and truly makes it one of the best booking sites, a Swiss army knife for the perfect holiday getaway. What kind of hotels can you expect to find here? There are over 15+ million hotels: they are; 

  • Luxury Hotels: you can find luxury hotels from all around the world. Hotels in Las Vegas Nevada, New York hotels, hotels in Venice, hotels in Greece and many other places to go

  • Beach hotels for beach holidays: You can find hotels from your favourite beaches all around the world like Hawaii beach hotels, hotels in the Maldives. They are hotels with their own private beaches  

  • Budget friendly hotels: Need a quick place to stay hassle free don’t worry you are covered 

  • Bed and Breakfast: Need a place to stay and a hot breakfast.  

  • Motels: No need to spend hours looking for cheap motel deals. You can find an extensive motel database in your favourite counties   

  • Guesthouses: need a more private establishment for your trip or journey. 

  • Spar resorts: extensive database of luxury spa resorts with wellness and Sauna 

  • Five-star hotels: Officially the highest rated hotels in the world 

  • Best reviewed customer hotels: objectively the best hotels in the world with real world reviews and experiences 

And many more…


Flight cancellation: this is a feature that helps you get adequate compensation for a cancelled flight. If you have been left stranded by a canceled flight do not worry cause you can win your funds back with this feature. 

Cars: They are over 21000+ rental cars worldwide so it does not matter the city your holiday is at you can be rest assured you the best car rental page at your disposal. 

Taxi: there are over 15 000+ airport taxis worldwide at your disposal to convey you from the airport to your holiday inn or vacation destination. 

Tours: definitely without a doubt the most extensive touring database in the world. You find tours in the most famous tourist destinations in the world like tours in Egypt/ Cairo, tours in Dubai, Grand Canyon tours, tours in London, tours in Cancun etc. 

Trains: the website offers extensive train schedules in Asia and some other parts of the world the data base is ever expanding: 

  • Trains in Thailand  

  • Trains in Malaysia 

  • Trains in Cambodia 

  • Trains in Vietnam 

  • Trains in Myanmar 

  • Trains in Laos 

  • Trains in India 

  • Trains in Singapore 

  • Trains in Japan 

  • Trains in Sri Lanka 

  • Trains in New Zealand 

  • Trains in China 

  • Trains in Hong Kong 

  • Trains in Australia 

  • Trains in Indonesia 

  • Trains in the Philippines 

  • Trains in Egypt 

  • Trains in Turkey 

  • Trains in Maldives 

  • Trains in Bulgaria 

  • Trains in Jordan 

  • Trains in Georgia(country) 

  • Trains in Kenya 

  • Trains in Morocco 

  • Trains Croatia 

And many other cheap train and places with all the popular routes available…


Tickets: The database pretty much covers major events worldwide; you can purchase tickets for events in London, New York, Liverpool, Los Angeles. 

Cruise: Find the best cruise deals worldwide, you can choose the date you would prefer, the type of cruise vessel you would like and the number of travellers and cabin you will be requiring. You can find speed boat cruising in Dubai, Dinner cruise on the Nile, Cruise in Cancun. 

The motto of the website is to dream, explore and discover. In your pursuit for the perfect holiday destinations this website is your best tour guide to help navigate the nuance of booking a fun trip. So, take a deep dive and find out why this website is an authority in affordable travel